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The transit industry, especially light rail commuter trains, uses various special cables. These range from heavy motor cables, to those used for radios, computers, environmental control, tachometers and so on. The motor cables, especially, have to handle high voltages and heavy current loads, and be able to withstand severe shock and vibration problems.

Besides having to handle stringent electrical specifications, transit cables are subject to many regulations and safety codes which turn them into highly customized items.      
Working closely with B.C. Rapid Transit, CABCO WEST has designed and manufactured unique cable assemblies which have exceeded original equipment specifications and have proven to be extremely reliable over long periods. Any new cable requirements are immediately sent to CABCO WEST for discussion, design or quotation.
We've also made these for Toronto and Detroit.

Here's what B.C.Rapid Transit has to say about our cables:
Cabco's solution to our problem was a combination of much better cable, better terminals, excellent service (stocking arrangements and reduced lead time) and reduced costs. Their people have excellent communication skills, kept us informed of all possibilities and worked closely with SkyTrain's Engineering Staff throughout the various evaluations.

We recommend Cabco West Ltd.to any company who needs a supplier who takes a sincere interest in their needs, works hard to find a solid solution and an ongoing effort to keep improving their products. We have found that both quality and service have been outstanding. Response to our requests has been prompt and pricing has always been competitive.
(Original letter on file and available for examination)

Do YOU need cables for your Transit System? Power Collectors, ground straps, tachometer cables..others?? For new ones, replacements or retrofit, CONTACT US

Another transit solution: to provide all cabling for the Environmental Control System developed by Triant Technologies Inc. for the Docklands Rail System in London, England. Following very rigid specifications, with inspections on our site by Docklands Q.C. staff, Cabco West built and delivered the unique harness assemblies on time and on budget. As always.





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