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  Once upon a time, cables for V.35 data networks were one of the few standards in a non-standard world. But now, with the variety of equipment available, a V.35 cable can have many different configurations and many different connectors. At CABCO WEST, we have specialized in V.35 cables for many years, and have probably the largest inventory of parts in Canada.

We have our own factory-type crimpers and even have our own bulk cable custom-made to our specifications. We make straight cables, crossovers, 3-way, 4-way, or whatever you need. And switchboxes.

V.35 circuits interface with everything from RS232 to T1, so we also provide any cables needed to make the transition. And since we make them to any length, the end user never has a mess of surplus cable to choke his raceways, cable trays or underfloor space.


Many times we get requests for V.35 cables to go from one equipment to another. In most cases, we know NOTHING about the equipment, so it is impossible to make a cable that we are sure will work properly. We MUST have the pinout information for both ends.This is usually found in the manuals for the equipment. Send us whatever you have and we'll try to make what you need. Without that information, there is no way of being sure.Unfortunately in many cases we have sent cables that did not work because of this lack of information. Sometimes the customer sends it back, sometimes not. In any case, it's not much good for either party.


Many times we get requests for the actual signal designations for V.35 cables. So to help you, here's the STANDARD layout, as used by most telephone companies. This assumes using a 34-position V.35 connector at each end.

-----A Power, Frame, Protective Ground
-----B Signal Ground
-----C Request To Send (RTS)
-----D Clear To Send (CTS)
-----E Data Set Ready (DSR)
-----F Data Carrier Detect ( or RLSD, Received Line Signal Detect )
-----H Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
-----J Ring Indicator ( RI or RDL)
-----K Local Test (LT)
-----P Transmitted Data, Channel A
-----S Transmitted Data, Channel B
-----R Received Data,Channel A
-----T Received Data, Channel B
-----U Serial Clock Transmit Channel A (XCLKA or SCTEA)
-----W Serial Clock Transmit Channel B (XCLKB or SCTEB)
-----V Serial Clock Receive A (SCRA)
-----X Serial Clock Receive B (SCRB)
-----Y Serial Clock Transmit A
---AA Serial Clock Transmit B

These are the commonly-used V.35 signals. There are others that are used for special purposes, such as test signals, which are assigned by some manufacturers for their own use. There are no specific patterns for these.

Because of signal speeds, V.35 cables must be made with high standards. Our cable uses 24 AWG 7 strand tinned copper twisted pair conductors with PVC insulation, aluminum and mylar foil shielding and a strong FT4 PVC jacket.

The connector bodies are Winchester. Pins and sockets are also Winchester, .000015 gold over .0001 copper, 7.5 amp. maximum, conforming to applicable portions of MIL-C-39029.

Our custom-made solid cast metal hoods, shown in the photo, are very heavy duty, and can accomodate impedance balancing circuitry if required. We can also use light duty standard hoods if these are satisfactory. Pins and sockets are installed with a pneumatic type crimping machine. They can also be soldered, or a combination of crimping and sweat-soldering, if requested.

Not everyone needs this very heavy-duty hood. For normal requirements, we use the hoods shown in this photo.



As we said, there used to ONE standard V.35 configuration. Now, there's a multitude. Here is a short list showing some of the "modified" versions. There's lots more out there, and no doubt still more to come.

May we help you with your V.35 needs? Please CONTACT US

Here's that short list: (note: many of these use a V.35 connector to a DB25,DB44, DB15 etc. and some don't even use a V.35 connector on either end. Just the way the industry is going.

Gandalf RM2360 cable.
Telefile Router cable.
Proteon Router cable.
Telco V.35 ( this is the "standard" telephone 19-pin configuration)
V.35 async. null modem cable.
Newbridge V.35 jumper cable.
V.35 sync. null modem cable.
V.35 "Y" adapter cable.
V.35 DCE/DTE crossover. Connects two modems back-to-back, with external clocks.

V.35 DTE to RS530 DCE.
V.35 DCE to RS530 DTE.
CISCO 4000 DCE V.35 cable.
CISCO 4000 DTE V.35 cable.
CISCO 7000 DCE V.35 (AGS+router) cable.
CISCO 7000 DTE V.35 (AGS+router) cable.
Newbridge DCE/DTE crossover cable.
W2ACIS V.35 DTE cable.
V.35/AVI cable.Gandalf Lanline 5220/5221
V.35/X.25 Interface cable.
Newbridge V.35 DCE cable.
IBM 3745 and 3725 V.35 cable, similar to IBM P/N 1733820.
IBM 3745 to V.35 cable, similar to IBM P/N 58X9485.
IBM 3174 to V.35 cable.
IBM 3745 to V.35 Direct Connect cable, similar to IBM P/N 58X9484.
Wellfleet Sync. port V.35 cable, for Model 7215.
V.35/DB37 cable, crossover from V.35 to RS442/RS449.
Wellfleet WAN Interface to V.35 cable, Model 7220.
Wellfleet Sync. crossover V.35 cable, Model 7836
V.35 Modem eliminator.
V.35 Gandalf XBR6202 Bridge to Telco 56K DCU/DSU.
V.35 Telebit cable for PN4DE and PN4DH


For your V.35 cables or switchboxes, please CONTACT US


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