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Switch peripherals from a 'hot' computer to a 'hot standby' in real time process control situations.

A few ideas:

Controlling production lines in pulp mills.

Right: Changing combinations of transmitters and antennas in a CBC international shortwave broadcasting site.
Sackville, N.B.

Left: a unit to switch two real-time process control computers for the production of artificial crystals. Halifax, N.S.

Switching all remote lines in a power grid, if the main control computer crashes.

Alberta Power.

Obvious advantage: a very fast change-over to keep the operation going.

But - this also allows maintenance to be done very flexibly because the computer systems can be switched back and forth with little or no notice, avoiding the need to rigidly schedule downtime.

Also allows non-technical people (operators, security guards, even a janitor) to flip a few switches and do the job, instead of calling in duty-technicians who may be in bed, or miles away.

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