Our Guarantee: A Lifetime
Since we started in 1980, we’ve always put a Lifetime Guarantee on our cable assemblies. People have often asked us "Why?"

The obvious answer is "Why Not ??"

When we send cables to you, we never want you to have problems. Neither do you. We want your cables to work right, the first time, everytime. Because we want you to come back again..and again.
And to recommend us to others.

There is a bit of fine print: our guarantee applies only to our original materials and workmanship, as it was when shipped out. If you decide to open it up and make your own changes, be our guest, but you just voided your guarantee.
Fair enough?

So we say, "If you have a problem, tell us immediately and a replacement will be on the way..prepaid, no charge, FREE. But if it happens, we’d really like to get the original one back so we can see what happened".
And you know what? Since 1980, the only ones that have ever had to be replaced were physically damaged in service.. THEY DIDN’T FAIL!

We’re pretty proud of that, considering that they’ve gone all over the world.

So when YOU need quality cables, we hope you’ll think of us and say :
Why Not ?

For special items like panels, switchboxes, populating your racks, and other
items of this nature, we give a guarantee negotiated at the time of contract, but this
has never been less than one year from date of shipment, and often more than that. And you always know what this is ahead of time..no surprises!

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